Musician of the day: Ilia Pucheglazov (Symphocat)

Symphocat is the musical project of a russian performer and composer working at the intersection of electronic music, modern classical music and minimalism. The musician's work combines ambient, field recordings, experimental electronics and even elements of dance music. Ilya Symphoket works with the properties of harmonies and timbres of sound, feeling the connection of vibrations of subtle matters, the influence of creativity on the sensation of the inner and outer world.

Symphocat runs its own label "Simphonic Silence Inside", which has been releasing a variety of electronics since 2007. Performances of this project took place in various places: from events in parks, churches, museums and philharmonics to large-scale electronic music festivals such as Gamma, Synthposium, Signal, Fields, Acoustmonium, Inversia, Transart, etc. Ilya participated in many international residencies, audiovisual projects, including collaborations with live orchestras and choirs, various artistic groups, dancers and video artists.

The music of Symphocat is imbued with sensitive attention to the process and a special understanding of the surrounding spaces. The works reflect images of nature, the technological environment, as well as sacred and meditative practices. Ilya draws inspiration from both the latest experimental research and the heritage of avant-garde and classical composers of the past - references to such authors as Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, Holger Czukay and many others can be found in his works.