this is us

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy

(Ludwig van Beethoven)

We are a couple of anthropofugalists with a great passion for extraordinary and dark sounds. Though there are tens of thousands of radio stations worldwide, some of which are really good, we still couldn't find what we were looking for. That was the reason why we decided to launch our own radio station in 2017, which fills exactly the gap left by the previous radio landscape. We hope that we can pass on the same enthusiasm that we have for unusual, experimental sounds to the inclined listener with our selection. We are constantly filling the playlist with new and old, but above all unusual, very passionate dark and always carefully selected pieces of sound that should fully satisfy every lover of borderline listening experiences. Though none of us are actually religious, we believe in the wickedness of men, the omnipresence and omnipotence of pain and death, and in the approaching end of the world and we hope to announce this upcoming event audibly in a dignified and appropriate way.

Hail apocalypse!

Artjom Sobolew (Decembris MMXXII)